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the obama administration's growing ranks of cyber warriors infiltrate and disrupt foreign computer networks. it was thought to preserve an international norm against acts of aggression in cyberspace. the policy debate has moved so that defensive options are now more -- offensive options are now more prominent. nowe is more of a case may
that the obama administration's
to classified documents obtained by the post. it provides new evidence that the obama administration's growing ranks of cyber warriors infiltrate and disrupt foreign
in syria as a response for the use of chemical weapons. president obama also speaking yesterday, saying he is still waiting operation -- us bill weighing options -- still weighing options. we want to hear from you about not only what was given, information wise, but if you are convinced by it. here is how you can weigh in this morning. republicans,for democrats,0 offor independents.or you can reach out to us on facebook, off of twitter, and at it was a four-page document that was put out by the administration, showing some of the cases they are making as far as what they have found in syria. this is what was unclassified, not everything was put out there. you can also find this document at our website, a little bit from it -- also it says -- there is more to the document and the information that was given by the administration yesterday. kerry givingstate the case, we will show some of those clips as well during the course of our first 45 minutes together. for the information that was given on syria yesterday, we want to get your thoughts and if you were con
that this has been too much information provided by the obama administration. how have officials you have spoken to responded to that charge? theer: is difficult, criticism. i think it is hard to find merit with a lot of this criticism. the state department, since the lockerbie bombing, the pan am bombing in 1988, has been operating under a no double standards rule, meaning that goes tonformation that official american employees and diplomats serving abroad needs to be or has to be shared with the american public. if they have a specifically credible threat that can close an embassy, they are required to share it with the public. meritot really see much in the criticism. i know that some people have been complaining that the amount of specificity and the location identification of the closed embassies may have tipped off or did tipoff potential attackers and may have alerted them to how their communications were intercepted or compromised, but i think that in the interest of safety in, official americans and private americans were traveling, the state department is operating with an abundance of
that president obama mentioned the efforts, talking about the larger issues of college funding and those kinds of things. he also talked about spending efforts and efforts by the republicans on these matters. he the -- he made his thoughts known on it. [video clip] >> we had to make some modifications when it comes to long-term entitlement programs of a are here for young people when they are ready for retirement. we don't have an urgent deficit crisis. the only crisis we have is one that is manufactured in washington. it is ideological. we basic notion is that should not be helping people get healthcare and we should not be helping kids who cannot help themselves and whose parents are under resourced and we should not be helping them get a leg up. some of the proposals we have seen talk about even deeper cuts in programs like head start. even deeper cuts in education and support, even deeper cuts in basic science and research. that is like eating your corn seed. it is like being penny wise and pound foolish. if young people are not succeeding, if we are not spending on research and maintain o
embassies. and a look at u.s. russia relations after the announcement that president obama has canceled his meeting with russian president vladimir putin. that is all next on "washington journal." ♪ is sunday,orning, it august 11 come up 20 13. it is today, resident obama began his week long vacation at martha's vineyard. today we will be discussing the state of u.s. relations with dive intoking a deep u.s. job numbers, and talking about recent al qaeda threats. before we do that we want to hear about the state of news media from our viewers. the pew research center's -- you research center released its biannual data and while there is still plenty of criticism about the industry, most americans continue to believe the media plays an important watchdog role. as we take you through that reports this morning, we want to hear your thoughts. he of us a call. we split our lineup -- we split our lines up by age group. you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media sites, on twitter and facebook. you can also e-mail us at we want to take you to tha
-- before president obama takes action. give us a call on the republican democrats, and independents, the numbers are listed on the screen. if you are outside the u.s., it 585-3883. you can also catch us on twitter and facebook or e-mail us. a very good friday morning to you. i want to take you right to the headlines about syria and possible u.s. involvement today. here's the front page of "the new york times." to one of those british newspapers, "the guardian," out of london. prime minister said report shows damascus behind gas attacks. "the the front page of globe and mail" from canada. canada has no plans to participate in military strike. from a storyd you on the front page of the washington times obama may go solo against syria. president obama and his top aides try to rally support thursday for retaliatory strikes in syria. saying they remain convinced that assad used chemical weapons. british lawmakers questioned the thatgth of the claims forces loyal to present a used poison gas. u.s. intelligence officials are uncertain who control serious stockpiles of poison gas. core u.s.
" this morning. obama weighing limiting strike on syria. they say the president is wearing a strike syria that would be a limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for serious use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent while keeping the u.s. out of deeper involvement in that country possible war. this according to senior administration officials. the timing of such an attack which would probably last no more than two days and involve -- lawrence cruise missiles and involve see launch cruise is dependent on three factors. completion of an intelligence report assessing syrian government culpability in last week's chemical attack, ongoing consultation with allies in congress, and a determination of the justification under international law. scott wilson joins us by phone now. he is white house bureau chief for the washington post. good morning. insight can you put forth this morning guest: on the administration's thinking it is notbut syria only a matter of if like you and tot how and when what extent they're going to do this. if it is going to be a symbolic punishment as w
. what the man said just before me, it is all coming back in the military contracts. obama should keep his nose out of this because we at racism ofng on, we got all kinds white supremacy, and fox news is one of them. don't cut me off for saying this, but you know, this country has a lot of problems of their own. overe are always running trying to take care of other peoples conflicts. it is time for it to stop -- there is nothing we can do about it over there too much. host: thank you for the call. dean has a point on our twitter page -- our president peace prize winner will have us in a regional war, if not a world war if left unfettered. let me surelines, he with you the comments of carol lee, this piece from the egyptstreet journal," violence shows waning u.s. influence. they write the relationship between the u.s. and egyptian military government is breaking down host: again, that this morning from inside the "wall street journal." here is more with secretary of state john kerry as he spoke briefly to reporters. [video clip] >> all of the other parties, all of the opposition, all pa
message to congress would be to defund obama care and the immigration bill in the house, nothing should be done with it, because they should -- they should actually not vote on it, they should allow it to go, i am not for immigration reform at all. i think that the government is too large and that what congress should do is try to get limited government down to smaller government, as it should be, constitutionally. host: do you think that the republican should hold strong and d funding health care and shut down the government? caller: i think that they should defund obama care, that is it. obama care. we are talking about specific bills. the president is talking about going the other way. he sponsored the mandate on businesses. he himself is saying that with obama care, if he sees responses to obama care, why should he go ahead with it? i think we should defund obama care, not the government. host: ok. that was knowle, new york, independent caller. health care is certainly one of the issues that has come up at these town hall meetings, at many of them, whether republican, democrat, or i
of the reporting this morning area did president obama will be speaking on the actual anniversary day at the lincoln memorial. that is coming up on wednesday. here's the front page of the new york times and their front page photo from the march yesterday -- e froml play you mor that. comeshnology and jobs, it in an opinion peas from "the new york times," written by two economics professors. they write -- the unemployment rate is stuck at levels not seen since the early 1990s. the portion of adults working is four percentage points below its peak in 2000. our question to you, does technology create better jobs? what is your experience? alabama is were the first caller is. good morning. factr: yes, as a matter of i have formed a civil rights nonprofit organization. we have a new concept, the new everyone, to have starting with fifth raiders, to own their own business. graders, to own their own business. whatever your passion is, own your own business. we support each other and our businesses. that is going to eliminate us looking for jobs and we will be creating jobs. when we have the y
is about the cancellation of meetings between president obama and president clinton and russia over issues. we want to -- and president vladimir putin. you can alsol -- use social media. maryland is up first on our democrat line. caller: good morning. host: what do you think about the cancellation of this meeting? caller: i think it is kind of silly because when you have problems with somebody, shouldn't you talk to them? why you cancel a meeting if you've got problems with their neighbor, you go talk to your neighbor. that the white house says because progress was made, a summit was not good at this time. that is their argument. caller: i still think you have to talk to people. host: if that's the case, talk pointwhat the discussion be and how does edward snowden complicate this? caller: that really complicate everything. host: there he is on the screen, edward it snowed in. --ginia, cancellation virginia is next on our independent line. caller: good morning, hello. i agree with the previous caller. by stopping talking to somebody, i think it is detrimental to relationships rather than en
" good morning. president obama addresses the disabled veterans convention in orlando, florida before heading on vacation. this is the president in a press conference yesterday, promising to reform the current nsa surveillance program. he listed a series of proposals. a advisory group released review of communication technology by the end of the year. the president wants the american confidenceave "more in these programs." for the first 45 minutes we will discuss the proposal. what we are interested from hearing from you, will these proposals install confidence? here is how you can reach out to us this morning. it is -- social media is available to you as well. here's a listing of some of the proposals released yesterday by the president at the press conference at the white house. they include the appointment of a civil liberties and privacy advocate. he argued cases and challenge the government's edition before the court that -- some of the reasons why these proposals came about is highlighted in "the new york times" this morning -- we want to get your thoughts on the president of th
and northeast pennsylvania. we'll have more coverage today. the washington post writes obama proposes a college rating system. for decades magazines have rated colleges to help families navigate the higher education market. on thursday president obama proposed that the federal government rate the nation's schools to hold them accountable for performance and help bring soaring tuition under control. by the 2015 school year, obama says his administration will begin evaluating colleges own measures such as the average tuition they charge, the share of low income students they eroll and effectiveness in ensuring students graduate without too much debt. the president will seek congressional approval which prove difficult to steer more federal aid towards colleges. student in financial need my qualify for a larger pell grant. the result officials hope will be relief for families from college bill that's are three times as high as they were 30 years ago. even after adjusting for inflation. some of the figures here average tuition in fees $8600 or more. this is last year at public school. here's anothe
with the white house historical 2, as weon season explore the modern era from edith roosevelt to michelle obama. guest: host: president obama meets with kate middleton before returning to the white house. john kerry also here in washington. the new york times reporting on friday there's a meeting planned with russian officials to discuss whether the president will have a one-on-one meeting with president putin in moscow early next month. the associated press reporting on the first criminal charges filed in last year's benghazi attack, naming olivia militia head and others in the september 11 embassy attack that killed four americans. terrorism, one of the topics last night when the president sat down with jay leno on "the tonight show." it marked his sixth appearance as either presidential candidate or president. we will get your reaction to the president using "the tonight show" as a forum to discuss serious issues. join us on facebook or send us a tweet, and .-span hasbbc reporting yemen foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines and sees some of the country's
have such a dramatic effect on the egyptian military. and third is the obama administration has been very clear that they are not interested in using the aid as political leverage and this issue has come up several times since the 2011 revolution. the position hasn't changed. we shouldn't expect that they're going to change their mind and suspend the aid any time soon. host: describe the pressure in congress that you mentioned. how deep is it? how severe or heavy is that pressure and who is it coming from? guest: sure. the pressure for conditions on aid came from the morsi government was elected and congress passed into law several restrictions on the aid that would have required the obama administration to cut off the aid if the morsi government vnt having done several different things in the area of political and economic liberalization. the morsi government didn't do any of those things. e obama waived those restrictions and nullifying congressional attendance and gave egypt the aid anyway. then what happened was there were several people in congress, the chairman of the state and
sun."oss vegas sas vegas host: good morning, it is monday, august 19, 2013. president obama returned from his weeklong vacation yesterday and is scheduled to hold meetings today at the white house am including one with his leave financial regulators. later he will hit the -- later he will hit the road with a two- day bus tour. meanwhile, political situations in egypt remained tense. looming on the horizon is another debt ceiling and budget battle and the implementation of the country virtual health care law. with so money issues on his plate we want to hear from you about what you believe is the most important issue facing the president. what should his top priority be right now? phone lines, our are open. republicans can call at -- we want to take you to this front page story. --ma returns to tough agenda comments are already coming in on her facebook page on this issue. we ask you what is your priority with the president's agenda right now? a few comments coming in. darrell writes in it doesn't matter what the public wants, -- we will be taking your calls and comments on t
," it continues -- what is your take on this? says it is another setback for the obama administration possum limitation of the affordable care act. last night the white house announced a one year delay and enforcement of the law. republican caller, you are up first, nancy. why would any person made this health-care law and the confidence that ye have? the legislative reports that not even meet. there is an old saying -- somebody pays. this country is falling apart. thank you, c-span. host: have you always opposed the health-care law? caller: i haven't. we are a blessed country. this tweet -- mark in florida, democratic caller, go ahead. caller: hello. am amment is, s -- i democrat. back in 2010 we should have passed complete socialized medicine. this hybrid plan is comp located. resident obama had the votes in the house and senate in 2010 to do that. this is ridiculous. pay $6,300 for prescription medicine next year. get the average person cannot afford that. host: do you think the complexity of the law has led to all of these delays? supporters say that this is what happens when you pass a
to come to the table and negotiate a broader budget deal. the democratic side. president obama was on the hill yesterday. here is a look at the present riding. what was the significance? >> he was trying to get everyone on the same page with his message and economic plan that he is going around the country to promote. the biggest news that came out of this probably was the topic of the chairman of the federal reserve that will be deciding on that and a couple of months. betweenreports that larry summers the former top economic adviser and former treasury secretary and janet yellen, the governor on the federal reserve board in now, and he got a question from many liberal democrats and especially women democrats that are not big fans of. obama defended larry summers, suggesting he is very much still in the running for that post. other headlines that is out there comes this morning " and"the new york times said in the senate there was arm-twisting yesterday. talking about head of the of atf. atf. can you tell us more about this? guest: the senate was born to approve the director o
was a chairman. and he to every state talked to everybody. obama lost all those congressional districts once they through howard dean on the bus. howard dean is your best candidate? caller: he would've had been that he would've been a good candidate for a third-party. host: next caller. caller: jesse jackson bastrop since my party and he represents the new generation of the civil rights generation. allegiance to the traditional elders of the movement, such as his father, jesse jackson. you have this insatiable appetite. he is cup between the traditional representatives of this party. his wife, i think she received 12 months, which is a year, in prison. unprecedented. maggie from texas, independent line. i am a progressive. my choice would be bernie sanders. sanders, heie stands up for the little people. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: he is a man of principle. he stands up for the little people. he does not represent the one percent in this country. he represents the other 99%. overwhelmingly choose bernie sanders. host: please tell me what first brought him to your attention. what
in your piece the obama administration secretly suspended military aid to egypt. how did you find this out? the primary source was senator patrick leahy, he is the chairman of the state and foreign appropriations subcommittee. i asked a lot of people what was going on with this $1.3 billion of u.s. military aid to egypt. their understanding was that it had been halted. i investigated a little bit further and what i found was that the administration's review of military aid is ongoing. they are going through a broad review of the entire u.s. egypt relationship. they decided not to disburse most forms of the military aid, with some exceptions this was a -- with some to exceptions. despite the fact that the administration is determined that -- if that sounds at the mouthful, it is because it is. where's the money in the process? and what impact will it have? administration public line, the are using the term "suspended." no final decisions have been made. that is true, no final decisions have been made. time, senator leahy told several administration while that review is going on it has been
into 2011 -- ident obama has not something that was explicitly endorsed from 35%. need to obviously return to manufacturing. in 2012 that we need to have american manufacturing. one thing i think we can do is look back at american jobs act that the president submits it the congress three years ago. republicans say we cannot spend. atently i have been looking economic policies of president bill clinton and his budget. i was looking for copies of his he talks about investing in education and healthcare. neither of the things he proposed during the 1990s -- if we follow what obama is saying and do what bill clinton wanted in the 1990s we could resurface the market economy. host: a couple of comments from facebook this morning -- this is how you join this conversation. a twitter conversation is taking place about the economy, as well -- brian is joining us on the phone. independent line, hello. the aspect of the economy that does not get talked about a lot is the lack of demand. money is very cheap, companies should be going gangbusters, but the demand is not there. notreason the demand is the
on. -- cut jay, he says everything but basic services. jimmy says, if obama cared, he would be a better president. he don't, so here we go again. jeff says -- nothing new from this pathetic congress. theiams comments -- let government shutdown, maybe they will be able to screw us, spy on us, or cover their scandals up. who am i kidding, they will find a way to do that anyway. another says -- eliminate republicans in the house, eliminate the problem. and tom says -- they should have their pay suspended for not doing their job. oregon on our, democrat line. what do you think about the federal budget and federal budget process as it stands? i think they are just playing games with us because they try to do this once before. my question is, as a senior citizen, i get my social security from my bank. if that money does not know when, and i live in housing, which is also government, how might going to pay my rent? as far as people that have automatic payments that come out of their accounts, those are going to go unpaid, and there will be fees from the banks. but we will stack up
[captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> good morning, president obama returning to the white house later today and beginning a two-day focus on the situation of education in america, a two-day bus trip through new york and eastern pennsylvania and getting daily briefings on the situation in egypt. in that country the streets remain relatively quiet following another day of demonstrations yesterday. the story in "the new york times" explaining how the u.s. and european diplomats were undercut by egypt's military, the death toll this weekend exceeding 800. later we're going to focus on what's next for egypt but we want to begin with a peace piece this morning in the baltimore sun. focused why are americans so angry and divided? you can join in on the through our republican, democratic and independent lines. you can send us a tweet at or join us facebook at >> the question why are americans so angry and divided? one says -- >> one of the reasons for that polarization of course is the implementation of the president's health-care law. the presiden
. the obama administration believe that u.s. intelligence has established how syrian government forces stored, assembled and launched chemical weapons outside of damascus that killed hundreds of people. the administration is planning to release evidence possibly tomorrow. it will prove that president bashar assad -- from the hill newspaper reaction from members of congress the headline is nearly two dozen members of congress signing on to a letter demanding that the president first consult congress. the letter was led by a republican from virginia beach. quote, engaging our military in syria when no direct threat exist would violate the separation of powers that is clearly in the u.s. constitution. nearly two dozen house members sign this asking the president to wait for congressional authorization. we'll be talking later about the situation in syria. we want to get to your phone calls whether or not you think marchs makes a a difference. you'll see remarks from the mall and u.s. capitol. for those of you offer the age of 50 the number to call is 202-585-3880. those over the age of 50 called
, august 26, 2013. president obama is scheduled to hold meetings at the white house today as a ministration officials reveals a list of targets for potential strikes in the syrian government in response to last week's suspected to michael attack. even though congress is not scheduled to return to session for two more weeks, several key lawmakers took to the sunday shows yesterday to discuss u.s. options in syria. in some cases they pressed the white house to act. and as we take you through the latest on the syrian situation, we want to hear your thoughts. should the united states take new action in syria and if so what should that action be? it is a call, our phone lines are open. republicans can call-in at -- you can also catch up with us on all your favorite social media pages, on twitter and facebook, or e-mail us at journal@c- good monday morning to you. the syrian story on the front pages of most of the major newspapers today. here's the front page of "the new york times" -- moving a step closer to possible military action -- that is the front page of "the new york times." he
and administration. later, efforts to fight fraud. host: good morning. senior obama officials are expected to brief congressional leaders today on syria come this is over 100 members of congress have sent a letter to the president saying i need congressional approval. reportedly, u.n. inspectors currently in this area are set to leave by saturday morning. meanwhile, internationally, british prime minister david cameron expecting a vote at parliament to authorize military action in zero, but concerns from his labor -- but concerns from the labour party have for supposed moment of the vote. while britain and france and turkey are on board with largelyl action there, countries that are siding with the u.s. are calling for more diplomacy. that reported in the papers as well. we want to ask about the role of the international community on potential actions in syria and what purpose they serve. if you want to give your thoughts on the international on onety's role in syria of our social media outlets, you can do so on twitter, @cspanwj. you can always send us an e-mail -- guardian" fro
? they have all been awarded the presidential honor of freedom. and president obama is named the newest recipient. clinton, loretta lynn, oprah winfrey, and sally ride are among them. who would you nominate for a presidential medal of freedom? share with us this morning on "washington journal to go (202) 585-3880 four republican, (202) 585-3881 for democrats and (202) 585-3882 for independents. you can also e-mail us or send it via twitter, @cspanwj, or is our e-mail address. here is an article from the "hill" newspaper. host: andy 16 recipients for the newest batch of presidential medal of freedom honorees, president oakland the, opera daniel, sally ride, bayard loretta lynn, kahneman,niel patricia ward, arturo sandoval, gloria steinem, ernie banks. post"rmer "washington editor receiving the medal of freedom. it says here 91 years old, who remains a vice president at large at the newspaper. respected for his tenure at the editor from 1968 through 1991 during the paper's heyday. some of the other nominees, other winners this year are the late senat
, a republican. caller: hello. i think this is a political move on the part of the obama administration. obama has been probably the most oppressive and most anti-libertarian president this country has had since woodrow wilson. moveis going on with this -- baracklder is this obama wants to divide the libertarian wing of the republican party led by rand paul from the authoritarian gop establishment. i predict within the year that obama and holder will call for the total legalization of marijuana. a vast part ofp the democratic party constituency, which it is no secret, many of whom are pot smokers or x pot smokers, and number two, to simply divide the gop. this is a way to lay the and 2016k for the 2014 elections. this is what is going on right now. host: listen to this. this is from "usa today" what do you think, vance? caller: i think it is interesting that jeb bush and newt gingrich have actually come along on this, because they have traditionally been with the authoritarian wing of the republican party, and i of course applaud rand paul for calling for judicial discretion in these cases. se
recess. president obama is in washington today, scheduled with meetings with senior advisers. are on alert after terror warnings from the state department and terror officials. you'll get more on that this morning. we want to focus on the top federal budget questions that congress will have to address when it returns next month. today,ominent voices including david petraeus, are calling for a compromise. and eric cantor went on one of the sunday on one of talk shows to tell what his view might look like. we want to ask you whether you believe a copper rises possible and how much copper mines would you be ok with? the phones are open. republicans can call at yashin that -- republicans can call at -- you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social atia sites or e-mail us a good monday morning to you. i want to take you to the opinion piece by david petraeus and a senior fellow at the brookings institution. this is in "usa today." the headline -- that is the opinion piece in "usa today." eric cantor went on fox news sunday to talk about the idea
that is the obama presidency. to not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. let this character take the heat of that character. we will cover things up of from yesterday with what may come tomorrow. cleaning up all the computers and everything else in the rest of it. i thought that obama took care of al qaeda, i thought he was the hero of the hour two or three years ago. host: marilyn, democratic line. about: here is how i feel the whole thing. since when have they done this? they always keep it hush hush pirie edberg this is to get control over the ammunition, the guns, so that the american people cannot defend themselves and more, they do not want anyone to have a right to carry. the ones they should be going after are the gang members. the women have not done anything. but they want to control the ammo, they want to control the guns and keep us in fear all at once. barbe this is always too much. yes, it is being leaked all at once, but it was never being leaked before when it was bad. why now? host: that is maryland from missouri this morning. this headline, "terrorist scare obam
matter. this will be interesting because a lot of them support president obama. host: david jackson talking about the president's bus trip he embarks on today in new york and pennsylvania. thank you. topic this on that morning. aboutced to 35 years and the maning case. thank you for waiting. go ahead. caller: i wanted to comment that i thought the sentence was a bit harsh. he is not a hero. ofdid leak a massive amount information. in light of what he released, i think it was a bit harsh. i think that's got handed down in light of the edward snowden controversy. if i would say there were direct marching orders to the judge to give him a harsher sentence, but in the light of more recent paranoia, i would say there is probably a culture more directed at securing that sort of thing. the numbers to call in -- another eric from pennsylvania. this is on the independent line. good morning. caller: i somewhat agree with the previous eric, but i depart from him and what should happen subsequent to the hearing and whenever kind of harshness it has. an effectiveot movement to pardon him. it is
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